This frustratingly fun edition is proudly made by CampBreakout and their evil / happy campers: Aldwin, Carmella, Cindel, Juliene, Kyle, and Ronnie.

Camp Breakout is an amazing group of current players from our Breakout Takeout Living Legends Edition. They got so frustrated with our puzzles that they made their own to try and return the favor. If you enjoy this challenge, be sure to join the camp HERE!

In order to be fair to all, we won’t respond to questions on DMs and FB Messenger. But Official Hints will be posted on our Instagram page here: LINK

Good luck!

For your first puzzle, what do you think these mean?

9874123 1478963654 74123 74123 9874145 78963214 1478953 147456963 98745123 74123 1478965

Once you understand that, input your answer after the end of this link:


Once you reach the correct website, it will lead you on what to do next.