Come In. Break Things. Leave Happy.


Everyone needs to deal with stress and anger their own way. That’s only natural. Some people go for a run, some people eat gallons of ice cream and chocolates while ugly crying (yes, we know you did your best).

At The Break Room, we hit things. With bats. And we have an alarmingly high level of fun while doing so.

Another concept by Breakout PH, this is a one of a kind combination of amusement, stress reduction and anger management for everyone above the age of 18. It is a safe facility where we promise not to judge how hard you lash out or how many times we see you coming back for a session. Don't worry. We totally get you.


STEP 1: Come In

Our outfit requirement is simple. Pants and closed footwear / rubber shoes (keep in mind there will be debris on the floor when you're done). The rest we got you covered. When you arrive, we will provide you with full protective gear including coveralls, gloves, safety goggles and other protective headwear.

STEP 2: Have It Your Way

We want to give you the best possible time when you are going to town. We let you bring your own stuff to smash (perhaps that thing from your ex you don't want to see again), select your own music to listen to (slow jam or rap, go right ahead), and even let you print faces of people you want to get back at (we don't judge).

STEP 3: Break Things

You have 30 minutes to let it all out. Aside from bringing your own stuff to smash, we have a punching dummy in the room you can keep whacking, and add on packages of breakables you can choose from.

STEP 4: Leave Happy

When the dust settles, we all have to face the reality of going back to our world of stress and frustration. But we can help you re-live your glorious moment by letting you bring your own USB so that you can take home CCTV footage. Need another session? Say no more! We don't judge how many times we see you come back.


"I printed 20 different faces, stuck them on items I smashed, destroyed a box full of my ex’s stuff and all this while I ugly cried listening to Nelly’s song Dilemma… They weren’t kidding, they don’t judge at all! You guys are the best!"

- Nikko Y.

"After my session, I was asked if I wanted my CCTV footage. Initially I was like 'Why would I?' But I’m glad I ended up saying yes… this beats any selfie I’ve ever taken!"

- Joe G.

"To quote Killmonger, 'Who’s your King? I am your King!' That’s how I felt inside.
Wakanda Forever!"

- Kyle L.

"An alarmingly high level of fun indeed! I came out exhausted with a huge smile on my face!"

- Maggie S.

"I think, secretly, everyone wants to try this. Nay, everyone NEEDS this!
Totally worth it."

- Reinard D.



₱300 per person

Opening to 5pm

Monday to Sunday

1 - 4 players at a time

30 minute session

Inclusive of 6 breakable items (2 medium and 4 small items)


₱350 per person

5pm to Closing

Monday to Sunday

1 - 4 players at a time

30 minute session

Inclusive of 6 breakable items (2 medium and 4 small items)

NOTE: Aside from bringing your own stuff to smash, we have a punching dummy in the room you can keep whacking, and add on packages of breakables you can choose from.


The #DailyGrind is real. So we try to give everyone the break they deserve. During your 30 minutes you can enjoy the following:


  • Bring your own music to your experience! Connect to our bluetooth speaker, put the volume on max and smash away!
  • Slow Jam or rap, go right ahead! You can even choose that ever dreaded break up song.


  • As long as it fits through our door (our doors are 3 feet wide and 6.7 feet high), we let you bring your own stuff to smash.
  • Yes we are talking about all those old things lying around the house and especially those things from your ex you don't want to see again!
  • If you are bringing anything close to as big as our doors, you may want to inform us a few days before so we can help you carry it in our rooms (and more importantly, secure permits for you to enter the building with something that big).


  • If you email us ahead or bring a USB, we can help print faces of people you want to get back at (we don't judge).


  • Bring a USB or buy one from us, we can give you your cctv footage and help you re-live your glorious moment! Your social media feed will never be the same!


  • Our favorite is if you inform us ahead of time if you have a specific thing you want to break.
  • A ref? An office table? How about printers and other electronics? We will do our best to source out the cheapest item for you to destress on!


The entrance fee allows you to bring in your own items to unleash your frustrations on. The room also contains some built in items you can repeatedly smash within the 30 minute time limit.

But we know that sometimes you just want more. For those you can add the following:



5 small items

3 medium items

8 total breakables



8 small items

10 medium items

18 total breakables



12 small items

18 medium items

30 total breakables

Want to smash large items like electronic and appliances? We also have a special ala carte menu of items that you can choose from on the day! Feel free to inform us ahead of time also if you have a particular item you want to smash that you want us to source for you! We got you!

How to Join


This is the quickest way to guarantee your preferred room, date and timeslot for you and your friends. Simply click the BOOK ONLINE button below and follow the easy instructions.

In this method, you may use your credit cards or PayPal account to register and reserve your slots!

Please note that ADD ON PACKAGES are not available to be booked in OPTION 1 but can be done over the counter on the actual day of the booking.

Book Now


Still a bit wary of online transactions? That's ok. We can do it the old fashioned bank deposit way. Email us at with the Email Subject: THE BREAK ROOM Reservation. Please indicate the DATE, TIME SLOT, HOW MANY you are in the group, and BASIC INFORMATION of the contact person.

If you are interested to boost your experience, please also include which ADD ON PACKAGE you would like to include.

Expect us to get back to you within 24 hours for your room reservation confirmation and bank deposit details. We will need a scanned copy of the bank deposit within 24 hours. Failure to do so will cancel your reservation.

You can check out the availability of our rooms through the button below


Walk In

If you choose to live dangerously, you can opt to simply drop by DURING game days and take your chances for an availability in the rooms.

And just so you can't say we didn't warn you, we'd just like to let you know that we do NOT recommend this option. The last thing we'd want to do is to break the hearts of excited walk-ins just because all slots are filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds crazy, is this place real?
Yes. This is as real as the daily traffic of Metro Manila. We are a combination of amusement, stress reduction and anger management for everyone above the age of 18.
Where are you located?
We are located on the Ground Floor of Paragon Plaza Building along EDSA, corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong City.
Isn't that the same location of the Breakout PH branch?
Yes, this is a new concept of Breakout PH. We always get players getting frustrated when they cannot escape our rooms. So this new room we built is perfect to let off a little steam!
Is this safe?
Considering this is a place where you are breaking things using weapons, we understand how dangerous this can be (as do our insurers, lawyers and mothers). We have gone through extreme lengths to make sure that this is a safe place for everyone. We have strict rules to make everyone's life easier and guarantee that you're having a good time. Your safety is our number one priority!
What are your general rules?
First things first, everyone must be wearing all the safety equipment we are providing. Players must also be wearing pants and closed footwear to compliment the safety gear.

To ensure that people are able to follow our instructions as best as they can, we will also not be allowing anyone below the age of 18 to participate. And we definitely won't be allowing anyone intoxicated to enter our rooms. We reserve the right to deny entry without refunds to people not obeying our rules.
Age 18 above only? No exceptions?
Nope! Sorry.
No alcohol? What if that's the state I want to be in for a concept like this?
Unfortunately The Break Room is not for you then. The experience of smashing and breaking items should be enough entertainment for our players already!
We're allowed to bring in our own items? Are there any limitations to this?
Yes, your items will have to fit our doors that are 3 feet wide and 6.7 feet high! As epic and awesome as it will be, you cannot bring in your old car inside or other gigantic pieces of furniture.
What kind of stuff can I break?
Depends on the items you will be bringing yourself! If you avail of our add-ons, it will be mainly a mix of small items (plates, glasses and mugs) and medium items (bottles, pitchers and tiles). You can also select in our ala carte menu of old electronics and appliances that might be available on the day. Not feeling any of those? We also have a giant punching dummy in the room you can repeatedly swing at also!
Isn’t it a waste to break so many things?
Our supplies are mostly already on their way to the scrap yards, we buy them over and let you guys have some fun before we send them off to be further scrapped or recycled.
How will I break the items? Can I burn some of my old memorabilia from my ex?
We feel your pain but no burning is allowed inside the room. Items will primarily be swung at using bats, and you can also throw stuff against our walls!
Can I film inside the room?
Technically you can... but you also run the risk of damaging whatever camera you will be using. That's why we will be reminding you to bring your own USB so that you can take home CCTV footage of your experience instead! No USB? Don't worry, there will be some available for purchase onsite as well.