Fairy's Tale

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Your grandmother had the best fairy tales. In between every "Once upon a time" and "She lived happily ever after" lines were stories told in great detail. Her accuracy was amazing as well. She narrated every story the same way as if she was pulling these images from her memory and not just her imagination.


You reminisce how magical her stories were as you sort her old belongings in the family cottage. She's passed away for a few days already but it's only now you've mustered up the strength to tidy up the place. You notice alot of items looked oddly familiar despite seeing them for the first time. These are things that your grandmother would describe in her stories. A princess' gown, an old chest and even a seemingly enchanted stick... Could it be a magic wand?


And then it hit you. What if your grandmother's fairy tales were actually tales told by a fairy? Could your grandmother be a fairy? Were these her life stories? As more questions come to your head, a light shines from the other room. You try to look through the brightness to no success. One thing is for sure, it's definitely not the room you thought that would be there. It looks like a different dimension. 


Do you dare enter it? What if it leads to more questions than answers? And most importantly, will you be able to get back out and Breakout?



Monday to Thursday:

1-6 players  –   ₱350 per person


Friday to Sunday & Holidays:

1-2 players  –   ₱600 per person

3-4 players  –   ₱550 per person

5-6 players  –   ₱450 per person 

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