The Catacombs

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The Paris Catacombs are underground tunnels that hold the remains of over 6 million people. The network of tunnels attract tourists and explorers alike as many believe that there are still parts of it still left unmapped.


You and your friends have been obsessed about this found footage that was supposedly recovered down there. It showed an explorer in the restricted parts of the tunnels following strange markings on the wall. He follows them deeper until he suddenly starts running for his life and the footage ends as he trips and the camera falls down where it was eventually discovered by a different explorer months later.


You try to uncover if it is a hoax or if someone really did get lost. If so, what exactly was he doing down there and more importantly, what exactly was he so afraid of?


You study the tape frame by frame and map out over 350 kilometers of the tunnels. Starting at where the camera was found, you discover what parts of the restricted zones he was exploring when he started running for his safety. You notice the same creepy marks on the wall seen in the video, but as you go closer to inspect it the ground starts to shake and rocks fall causing it to block different passages. You are trapped inside. 


The air is getting thinner. Food and water are completely out. All hope seems lost when suddenly you see a box with a note that you all swear was not there a few minutes ago. How can this happen? Who could have done this? Are the bleak conditions messing with your head? Or, did you finally encounter whatever the explorer was so afraid of?


Your time to get answers is running out. Can you BREAKOUT or will you be trapped forever?



Monday to Thursday:

1-6 players  –   ₱350 per person


Friday to Sunday & Holidays:

1-2 players  –   ₱600 per person

3-4 players  –   ₱550 per person

5-6 players  –   ₱450 per person 

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