VERA stands for Virtual Escape Room Avatar. A Breakout VERA will serve as your eyes hands and feet INSIDE AN ACTUAL ESCAPE ROOM while you and your team provide the brains. Communicate and give instructions to your personal VERA over ZOOM as you try to Plan, Solve and Escape remotely


A proprietary technology where you and your teammates can play collaboratively anytime remotely on your respective desktops, laptops or other devices. A right answer by anyone progress the whole team while a wrong answer penalizes the entire team.


Explore Breakout’s Escape Rooms in interactive 360 photos and videos. Virtually navigate your way around rooms, click and discover clues that may help you escape!

Breakout has taken its passion for storytelling and puzzle solving and created a one-of a-kind single-player horror video game. Join us in this groundbreaking adventure for any escape room company!


Our experiences are perfect for virtual events, team buildings and parties! Customize your experiences even further by placing your own logos, taglines and even have a storyline that’s uniquely yours.